Pair of Elephants

Pair of Elephants Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet features a prominent display of the number 20 with various activities around it. There is a section for coloring inside the number, a counting activity where one must circle the correct number of items, and tracing practice with the number 20. Another section prompts the student to count and circle a set of cars, and the last part requires writing the missing number in a sequence. The worksheet is designed with clear, bold numbers and distinct sections for each activity to engage the student.

The primary goal of this worksheet is to teach students the number 20 through multiple reinforcing activities. It aims to help students recognize and memorize the number by coloring and tracing it. The counting activity enhances their ability to count to 20 and identify the number within a group of other numbers. Finally, it tests the student’s understanding of sequence by having them identify the number that comes after 19.