Pencil Parade Counting

Pencil Parade Counting Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a set of 16 pencils arranged in a 4×4 grid for visual counting practice. Below the pencils, there are two sections for tracing: the top section for the number “16” and the bottom section for the word “sixteen”. Each tracing section offers multiple opportunities to practice writing, with dashed lines indicating where to trace. The overall layout is clear and engaging for young learners, providing both visual counting and writing practice.

The aim of this worksheet is to help students associate the numerical representation of “16” with its written word form “sixteen” and the corresponding quantity of items. It reinforces number recognition, spelling, and the concept of counting in sets. By tracing the number and the word, students can enhance their fine motor skills and handwriting. The repetitive nature of the tracing exercise aids in memorization and the development of number-word identification.