Number 12 Pitstop

Number 12 Pitstop Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed with little car enthusiasts in mind, featuring a fleet of twelve vibrant red cars that sets the theme. Above the cars, it prompts the students with “There are Twelve cars,” providing a visual counting opportunity. The central portion of the worksheet offers dotted numeral 12s for children to trace, fostering their numerical writing skills. Below the tracing practice, the word “Twelve” is presented for tracing, helping students associate the written name of the number with its symbolic form.

“Racing to Write: Number 12 Pitstop!” is geared towards helping students reinforce their understanding and writing of the number 12. By counting and observing the twelve illustrated cars, they reinforce their ability to associate the number with a quantity. Tracing the numeral 12 helps in developing fine motor control and familiarizing them with the form of the number. Writing the word “Twelve” allows students to connect the numerical symbol with its word form, enhancing their literacy skills in the context of mathematics.