Crafty Counts

Crafty Counts Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet invites children to explore the number 12 through a blend of artistic expression and handwriting practice. At the top, there is a large blank square where students are encouraged to draw their favorite thing, integrating creativity with the learning process. Adjacent to the drawing square, the number 12 is boldly displayed, with its word form, “twelve,” written underneath for tracing. The lower half of the worksheet is devoted to rows of dotted number 12s, providing a structured guide for children to trace and practice writing the number repeatedly.

The “Creative Count & Craft: Number 12 Journey!” worksheet is crafted to teach students the numerical and word form of the number 12 through engaging and repetitive practice. By drawing their favorite thing, students personalize their learning experience, which can enhance memory retention of the number. Tracing the word “twelve” allows students to connect the numerical symbol ’12’ with its written name, reinforcing their reading and writing skills. The act of tracing the number 12 itself helps students solidify their understanding of the number’s shape and form, laying the foundation for improved handwriting and number recognition.