Doodle and Discover

Doodle and Discover Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a delightful combination of counting, coloring, and writing centered on the number 12. It features a group of whimsical characters, each adorned with the number 12, which children are instructed to count and color. Above this engaging image, there’s a space designated for writing the total count, and to the right, the word “TWELVE” is printed for tracing. Below, large dotted outlines of the number 12 provide ample space for children to practice tracing and writing the number themselves.

“Doodle and Discover: Number 12!” is designed to help students master the number 12 through a multi-faceted learning approach. Counting the illustrated characters aids in developing number sense and understanding quantity. The coloring exercise not only makes the activity enjoyable but also helps in honing fine motor skills. Tracing the word and numeral reinforces number-word association and the correct formation of the number 12, which are fundamental skills for numerical literacy.