Twelve Tidal Treasures

Twelve Tidal Treasures Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a colorful undersea adventure where students dive into the world of numbers with a specific focus on the number 12. Each seashell on the sheet contains a different number, and the task is to find and color all the seashells with the number 12. It’s a playful search-and-find activity that combines the fun of coloring with the skill of number recognition. The page is attractively designed with a starfish and seashells, inviting children to engage with math in a visually stimulating way.

The “Twelve Tidal Treasures” worksheet is designed to sharpen a child’s number identification skills, particularly recognizing the number 12 among a range of other numbers. By coloring the correct shells, students reinforce their understanding of the target number through repetition and visual differentiation. This activity also helps develop fine motor skills through the act of coloring within the lines. Moreover, it introduces the concept of selective attention, as students must ignore all other numbers to focus on finding the number 12.