Twelve’s Treasure Circle

Twelve's Treasure Circle Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a visual and interactive learning tool that encourages children to seek out and circle every instance of the number 12 from a scattered arrangement of different numbers. Beyond just spotting the number, the worksheet also includes a sequence completion exercise where students must determine the numbers that come before and after a given series. At the bottom, there’s an opportunity for handwriting practice, with the word “Twelve” presented in dashed letters for tracing. The combination of activities makes for a dynamic educational experience that engages various learning skills.

“Twelve’s Treasure Circle” aims to enhance students’ number recognition by having them identify the number 12 among other numbers. It promotes understanding of numerical order by asking students to think about what numbers precede and follow within a sequence. The tracing portion of the worksheet helps in developing fine motor skills and familiarizes students with the spelling of “twelve,” connecting the written word to the numeral. Through these exercises, students reinforce their counting abilities, learn sequence patterns, and practice writing numbers in both numeral and word forms.