Number 12 Detective

Number 12 Detective Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This engaging worksheet is a playful investigation into the number 12. At the top, students are invited to trace large representations of the number to practice their writing skills. Below, a series of dashed outlines of the number 12 provides a guide for students to further practice writing the number on their own. The worksheet then challenges students to identify the number 12 within a sequence of numbers, reinforcing their ability to recognize and order numbers.

The “Number 12 Detective” worksheet is designed to teach students multiple fundamental math skills focused around the number 12. Tracing the number helps children develop their fine motor skills and number formation. The task of filling in the missing block within a number sequence sharpens their understanding of number order and recognition. Finally, choosing the correct number of objects from a group of images reinforces their counting skills and their ability to correlate a numeral with its quantity.