Stellar Number

Stellar Number Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is an exciting activity that guides young learners to trace and draw. Dominating the page is a large dashed-outline star, which children are encouraged to trace to create a solid shape. Beneath the star, the number 11 and the word ‘Eleven’ are presented in a dotted font, designed for tracing. This sheet creatively combines number learning with drawing and writing, making for an interactive learning experience.

This worksheet teaches the formation of the number 11 through tracing, promoting fine motor skills and proper numeral writing. Tracing the star helps children develop hand control and precision, which are essential for writing. The worksheet also reinforces number recognition, as children associate the numeral and the word ‘Eleven’ with the quantity they represent. In completing this activity, students not only practice writing numbers but also engage in a fun art project that helps cement their understanding of the number 11.