Spot-On Ones

Spot-On Ones Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a straightforward number recognition activity with a grid of randomly placed numbers from 1 to 9. The title “Circle number 1” clearly instructs the student on what to do – find and circle all instances of the number 1. A dotted outline of the number 1 is provided at the bottom of the page for additional practice in number tracing. The design is clean and simple, minimizing distractions and focusing the child’s attention on the task.

The worksheet is teaching number identification by asking students to pick out the number 1 from a group of different numbers. It helps in reinforcing the child’s ability to recognize and differentiate between numerals. The tracing element at the bottom provides a hands-on activity to solidify the shape and form of the number 1 in the student’s mind. Through this exercise, the child develops both cognitive recognition skills and fine motor skills.