Notable People

Notable People Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a biographical study tool that directs students to focus on notable figures from the 13 original American colonies. It presents a list of individuals, including Pocahontas, Miles Standish, George Calvert, Thomas Hooker, John Winthrop, and William Penn, for students to choose from. The worksheet then provides a graphic organizer where students can fill in details such as the name of the person, their birth and death dates, the colony with which they were associated, key events they were involved in, and other interesting facts.

The purpose of this worksheet is to familiarize students with significant historical figures associated with the 13 colonies and to encourage engagement with their contributions to early American history. By researching these individuals, students learn to connect personal stories and accomplishments with broader colonial developments. This activity also teaches students how to organize and present biographical data effectively. Additionally, by highlighting interesting facts, the worksheet aims to make history more relatable and memorable for students.