Nature’s Narratives Notepad

Nature's Narratives Notepad Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet introduces students to the concept of pathetic fallacy, which is a form of personification where human emotions are assigned to elements of nature. It begins with a definition of pathetic fallacy and clarifies the meaning of “pathetic” in this literary context, differentiating it from its common usage. An example is provided to illustrate how a mood is attributed to a natural object, followed by instructions for the main activity. The worksheet lists sentences that potentially contain pathetic fallacy, and students are instructed to underline the specific use of this literary device in each one.

The objective of this worksheet is to teach students how to identify pathetic fallacy within written sentences. By underlining examples in given statements, learners practice recognizing when human emotions are projected onto nature, weather, or inanimate objects in literature. This skill helps them understand how authors create mood and atmosphere within a narrative. Additionally, the exercise enhances students’ reading comprehension and critical thinking, as they analyze how the emotional state is not just portrayed through characters but also through the environment surrounding them.