Kevin – Landon

Kevin - Landon Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to teach young learners how to write the letter ‘K’. It includes an image of a knight and a key at the top, representing words that begin with ‘K’, to visually link the letter to familiar objects. The sheet provides dotted line versions of the uppercase ‘K’ and lowercase ‘k’ for students to trace, helping them understand the form and structure of the letter. Space is given at the bottom for students to write their own name and a framed area is provided for drawing.

The worksheet is aimed at enhancing the student’s handwriting skills, specifically focusing on the letter ‘K’. By tracing both uppercase and lowercase versions, the students learn the distinct shapes of each and how to write them. Writing their name is an exercise in applying their handwriting skills personally, while the drawing area encourages creativity and personal expression as part of the learning process. This integrated approach combines literacy with fine motor skill development and self-expression.