A to M Names

A to M Names Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a handwriting practice tool that features a series of names for children to trace. Each name begins with a different letter of the alphabet, providing a variety of letter shapes to practice. The names are presented in dotted line form, both in uppercase and lowercase letters, allowing children to trace over them to practice forming each letter properly. Below the list of names, there’s a prompt for the child to write their own name, accompanied by an image of a little girl holding a pencil, possibly to encourage the writing activity.

The worksheet is designed to teach students proper letter formation through the tracing of various names. By tracing these names, children can learn to write different letters in both their uppercase and lowercase forms, enhancing their handwriting skills. The task of writing their own name at the end personalizes the activity, promoting a sense of identity and pride in their work. This exercise not only improves writing technique but also helps with letter recognition and the understanding of the alphabet sequence.