Yasmine – Zeke

Yasmine - Zeke Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a pedagogical tool intended for children learning to write the letters ‘Y’ and ‘Z’. It features illustrations of a yak and a zebra, which are used to represent the sounds of the respective letters. The main part of the worksheet consists of rows of dotted letters: uppercase ‘Y’ and lowercase ‘y’, as well as uppercase ‘Z’ and lowercase ‘z’, for the students to trace in order to practice their handwriting. There’s also a line for the student to practice writing their name, and at the bottom, there is an oval-shaped space for drawing.

The aim of this worksheet is to instruct students on how to write the letters ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ through tracing, which helps to solidify the correct letter formation in their muscle memory. By associating each letter with an animal, it facilitates the learning of letter sounds and the expansion of the students’ vocabulary. The name-writing exercise promotes personalization and ownership of their learning process. Additionally, the space provided for drawing allows students to express themselves creatively, enriching the learning experience.