Name Them

Name Them Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a straightforward educational exercise that challenges students to write down the capitals of the original 13 colonies of the United States. The colonies are listed in order from one to thirteen, and students are prompted to fill in the blank spaces with the correct capital for each colony. No word bank is provided, indicating that this worksheet is designed to test the students’ memory or encourage them to conduct research to find the correct answers. The worksheet’s layout is simple and clear, making it accessible for students to focus on the task at hand.

The objective of the worksheet is to enhance students’ knowledge of early American history, specifically the political geography of the 13 colonies. By recalling or researching the capitals, students engage with an essential aspect of the colonies’ identities and governance structures. The task also helps to solidify students’ understanding of the regional distinctions within the original colonies. Moreover, this exercise can serve as a stepping stone to more detailed studies of each colony’s history and development.