Introduction To Conclusion

Multiple Plot Lines #15

Worksheet Description

This Multiple Plot Lines worksheet is designed to help students develop and organize a main plot and a subplot in their writing. The worksheet features two flowcharts with three stages each—beginning/introduction, middle/climax, and end/conclusion—where students can outline the progression of both the main plot and the subplot. Arrows indicate the flow of the narrative, prompting students to consider how the introduction leads to the climax and how the conclusion wraps up the story. The layout allows for a clear visualization of how the main plot and subplot run parallel to each other and intersect at key points.

The worksheet teaches students the fundamental structure of a story with multiple plot lines. It guides them to map out the essential components of a main plot and a subplot, emphasizing the need for both to have a clear beginning, build-up, climax, and resolution. By filling out this worksheet, students practice planning their narratives in a way that ensures cohesion and balance between the main storyline and additional sub-narratives. This exercise enhances students’ understanding of narrative structure and the importance of integrating subplots that complement and enrich the main story.