Our School Motto

Motto #15

Worksheet Description

This Motto worksheet is centered around the exploration of a school’s motto. It prompts students to write down their school motto and reflect upon the reasons behind its selection. Furthermore, it asks them to consider how the motto influences the behavior and decision-making of teachers, administrators, and students, and to contemplate the personal significance the motto holds for them. The worksheet is structured to encourage students to think critically about the impact and importance of their school’s guiding principles.

The worksheet aims to teach students the role of a motto in shaping the culture and environment of a school. By asking why the school chose its motto and how it guides the school community, students learn to analyze the underlying values and mission that the motto represents. They also learn to reflect on how a motto might influence their daily experiences and behaviors within the school setting. Ultimately, the activity helps students understand the connection between words and actions, and how a shared statement can unify and inspire a community.