Buses and Cars

Buses and Cars Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is part of an educational series that focuses on teaching children how to compare quantities using the phrases “More than, Fewer than, Equal to.” The first section features two groups of school buses and instructs the student to circle the group with more objects. The second section shows a small group of cars and provides space for the student to draw a group with fewer objects. By using familiar vehicles such as school buses and cars, the worksheet aims to engage children in a relatable context.

The purpose of this worksheet is to help students practice identifying and comparing quantities. By circling the group with more school buses, they apply the concept of ‘more than’ through visual comparison and counting. The drawing task prompts them to demonstrate their understanding of ‘fewer than’ by creating a group with a smaller number of objects than the given example. These exercises are designed to strengthen foundational skills in numeracy, critical for their ongoing mathematical education.