Burgers and Pizza

Burgers and Pizza Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to teach students the concepts of “More than, Fewer than, Equal to” through engaging with food items. In the first exercise, students are shown two groups of hamburgers and must circle the group that has more. In the second exercise, students see an image of three pizza slices and are instructed to draw a group with fewer objects in the blank space provided. The use of familiar and appealing food images aims to capture the students’ interest and make the comparison activity both fun and educational.

The worksheet’s goal is to strengthen the students’ ability to compare quantities visually. By identifying the group with more hamburgers, children practice the concept of ‘more than’ and exercise their counting skills. In the drawing task, they demonstrate their understanding of ‘fewer than’ by creating their own group of items. These fundamental skills in comparative analysis are essential for building a solid foundation in early mathematical concepts and numerical understanding.