Dolls Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet aims to teach young learners how to compare quantities. In the top section, children are instructed to circle the group with more objects, which in this case consists of two sets of images depicting dolls. The bottom section of the worksheet features a single image of a teddy bear and provides an adjacent blank space where the child is asked to draw a group with fewer objects than the number of teddy bears shown. The worksheet employs colorful, child-friendly illustrations to make the concepts of comparison and quantity engaging and accessible.

The worksheet’s purpose is to develop a child’s ability to compare quantities visually and understand the concepts of ‘more than’ and ‘fewer than’. By identifying the group with more dolls, the child practices counting and discerning which set is larger. The drawing task reinforces the concept of ‘fewer than’ by allowing the child to create a visual representation of a smaller quantity. These exercises are critical for building foundational math skills and preparing students for more advanced concepts in numeracy and comparison.