Moody Moors Tracker

Moody Moors Tracker Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a structured guide for students reading “Wuthering Heights” to track and note instances of pathetic fallacy within the novel. Pathetic fallacy is a literary device where nature mirrors the emotions of characters or the atmosphere of the narrative. The worksheet prompts students to record specific quotes, the pages they are found on, the object described, and the effect of the literary device on the narrative. By organizing their observations, students are encouraged to engage more deeply with the text and recognize the author’s technique of blending the natural setting with the emotional landscape of the story.

The purpose of this worksheet is to help students develop their analytical reading skills and deepen their understanding of literary devices. It encourages close reading by having them identify and contemplate the significance of pathetic fallacy in “Wuthering Heights The activity aims to foster an appreciation for Emily Bronte’s craft in using the moors and weather as extensions of her characters’ inner turmoil. Ultimately, students will learn how to connect thematic elements with narrative techniques to enrich their comprehension and interpretation of classic literature.