Mobile Phone Multiplication

Mobile Phone Multiplication Word Problem Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a collection of multiplication word problems centered around the theme of mobile phones. The exercises involve a variety of scenarios, such as calculating the total cost of multiple mobile phones, determining the total number of phones in a shipment, the production rate of phones in a factory, and the diversity of model colors produced by a manufacturer. It also poses questions about data usage over a period of days, the amount of time spent on the phone by a student over a week, and the potential sales figures of a mobile phone store.

The worksheet is designed to teach students multiplication within the context of modern technology and consumer habits. It helps them practice their multiplication tables and apply this knowledge to solve real-life problems related to mobile phones. The problems aim to enhance students’ numerical literacy, problem-solving skills, and their ability to interpret word problems. By using the familiar topic of mobile phones, the worksheet seeks to engage students and make the math more relatable and interesting.