Matching Clouds and Rainbows

Matching Clouds and Rainbows Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a color matching activity that focuses on teaching the concept of color mixing. It features pairs of colored semi-circles that represent primary colors, with each pair positioned next to a plus sign and opposite a circle of a different color. The students are prompted to draw a line from each pair of semi-circles to the circle that represents the secondary color they would make if mixed. The aim is to match the correct primary color combinations with their resultant secondary colors.

The worksheet’s goal is to educate students on how combining two primary colors creates a new, secondary color. It visually demonstrates that red and blue make purple, red and yellow make orange, and blue and yellow make green. Additionally, it includes a pair of white and black semi-circles to show that their combination produces grey. This exercise encourages the development of color recognition skills and introduces basic principles of color theory in an interactive and enjoyable way.