The Color Wheel

The Color Wheel Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features a blank color wheel, a fundamental tool in art and design education that visually represents the relationships between colors. The color wheel is divided into six segments, with three segments labeled with the primary colors-red, blue, and yellow-and three segments labeled with secondary colors—purple, green, and orange. The central circle labels the diagram as “The Color Wheel.” The task likely involves coloring each segment with the appropriate color, thereby helping students to learn the layout and function of the color wheel.

The worksheet is designed to teach students about the color wheel, which illustrates the primary and secondary colors and their placement in relation to each other. It helps students understand how primary colors mix to form secondary colors, as indicated by their positioning on the wheel. This visual tool is instrumental in learning color theory, which is essential for creating harmonious color schemes and understanding color relationships. By engaging with this activity, students can begin to predict the outcome of mixing different colors and apply this knowledge in various artistic endeavors.