Color Shades

Color Shades Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed for a color-mixing activity that teaches about the creation of shades by adding black to primary colors. It features paint splat graphics in rows, with each row consisting of three splats; the first splat is labeled with a primary color (red, yellow, green, or blue), the second with black, and the third splat is left blank for the resulting shade to be filled in. The activity contains four sets of color combinations, providing students with a clear visual task to mix each primary color with black to discover the resulting shade. The worksheet is structured to be interactive, prompting students to actively engage with the color mixing process.

The purpose of this worksheet is to educate students on how shades of colors are created by adding black to a base color. It demonstrates the effect of darkening colors through the addition of black, which contrasts with the lightening effect of adding white as seen in creating tints. The hands-on activity facilitates learning about the nuances of color theory, specifically how the value of colors changes with the incorporation of black. Overall, the worksheet serves to expand students’ understanding and application of color in artistic expressions.