Mixed Business Writing Prompts 3

Mixed Business Writing Prompts 3

Worksheet Description

This is a series of 10 business writing prompts that get the ball rolling for students.

Here are 5 example prompts for you:

1. The Perfect Pitch – Imagine you have 5 minutes to pitch your business idea to a panel of investors. Describe your business and its unique selling points.

2. The Business Time Machine – If you could travel back in time to any era with a product from today, which era and product would you choose, and how would you market it?

3. Young Entrepreneurs – Your school starts a program where students can create and run their own businesses. Describe your business idea and the steps you’d take to make it successful.

4. Social Media Star – Your business suddenly goes viral on social media! Describe the post or video that caught everyone’s attention and how you handle the sudden fame.

5. Mystery Shopper – You’ve been hired as a mystery shopper to evaluate a business. Write about your experience and the feedback you’d provide.