Mixed Business Writing Prompts 2

Mixed Business Writing Prompts 2

Worksheet Description

This is a series of 10 business writing prompts that get the ball rolling for students.

Here are 5 example prompts for you:

1. Marketing Challenge – Your business has a product that’s hard to explain but is very beneficial. Describe a creative advertising campaign you’d design to promote it.

2. Technology and Business – Describe a scenario where embracing a new technological advancement transformed a struggling business into a booming success.

3. Business Role Models – Choose a famous entrepreneur you admire. Write about the qualities that inspire you, and how you’d emulate them in your own business endeavors.

4. From Hobby to Business – You have a hobby that you’re passionate about. Describe how you’d turn that hobby into a thriving small business.

5. Solving a Community Issue – You notice a problem in your local community. Design a business that would help solve or alleviate that issue.