Counting Apples

Counting Apples Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is an educational activity that combines counting with color matching. At the top, there are five trees, each with a different number of apples ranging from one to five, and each tree is colored in a unique color corresponding to the number of apples on it. Below these examples, there are multiple trees with apples that are not colored. The instructions ask the students to count the apples on each tree and then color the trees according to the color code provided by the numbered examples.

The worksheet is intended to teach students basic counting skills and color recognition. By counting the apples on each tree, children practice their numerical skills and learn to associate the quantity with the correct numeral. Coloring the trees as per the example provided reinforces the connection between numbers and colors, adding an element of visual learning to the numerical exercise. This multifaceted approach promotes cognitive development by engaging the child’s counting ability and color identification in a single fun activity.