Shading Levels

Shading Levels Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features a collection of nine images of graduated jugs, each with measurement markings on their side. Students are instructed to shade each jug up to the level indicated by a specific volume in milliliters (ml), written below each jug. The given volumes range from 400 ml to 1700 ml, with each jug showing a different volume to be shaded. This exercise is designed to help students visualize the concept of volume within a container and understand how to translate a numerical measurement into a graphical representation.

The worksheet aims to teach students about the concept of volume measurement in milliliters and the practical application of filling a container to a specified amount. It develops students’ ability to estimate and visualize different volumes, reinforcing their understanding of metric measurements. The task also encourages precision and careful observation as they must shade accurately to match the given volume. Through this activity, students enhance their fine motor skills and their ability to follow detailed instructions in a visual and interactive manner.