Matching Containers

Matching Containers Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed as a matching exercise where students are asked to pair measuring jugs with the containers that have the corresponding capacity. On the left side of the sheet, there are several measuring jugs with different volumes of liquid indicated, and on the right side, there are empty containers with volume labels. The objective is to draw lines connecting each measuring jug to the container that could hold that exact amount of liquid. The activity involves five pairs of jugs and containers, each with distinct volume measurements.

The worksheet aims to teach students about volume and capacity, highlighting the relationship between the amount of liquid a container holds and how that volume is represented in a measuring jug. It encourages students to recognize that volumes can be represented in various shapes and sizes of containers. This exercise also helps students to understand the practical aspect of measuring liquids and reinforces the concept of equivalency between different containers. By engaging in this matching activity, students practice their visual comparison skills and learn to apply their knowledge of volume in a real-world context.