Hemisphere Volume

Hemisphere Volume Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet provides an exercise in calculating the volume of hemispheres using the given formula, which is half the volume of a sphere (⅔ ℼ r3), where r is the radius and ℼ is approximated as 3.14. An example calculation is shown at the top, with the radius provided and the resulting volume calculated and rounded to the nearest tenth of a cubic centimeter. The worksheet then presents six different hemispheres, each with a radius marked, for which students must calculate the volume. The task requires them to apply the formula, perform the calculations, and round their results to the nearest tenth.

The worksheet is intended to teach students how to calculate the volume of hemispheres, a fundamental concept in geometry. It helps students practice working with formulas, powers, and the constant ℼ , enhancing their computational skills. The requirement to round answers to the nearest tenth introduces the concept of significant figures, which is important for precision in measurements. Through this activity, students gain a better understanding of three-dimensional geometric shapes and the mathematical principles required to determine their volume.