Volume of Cylinders

Volume of Cylinders Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is focused on calculating the volume of cylinders. An example at the top provides the formula for the volume of a cylinder ( ℼ x radius2 x height) and demonstrates how to apply it using given dimensions and ℼ approximated to 3.14. The students are instructed to use this formula to find the volume for six different cylinders, each with the radius and height specified. The worksheet also instructs students to round their answers to the nearest tenth, emphasizing precision in calculations.

The worksheet educates students on how to calculate the volume of a cylinder, a fundamental concept in geometry and practical applications involving cylindrical objects. It teaches the importance of squaring the radius and multiplying it by both ℼ and the height to find the volume. This task reinforces understanding of geometric formulas and provides practice in performing calculations involving pi, squares, and multiplication. Additionally, by rounding to the nearest tenth, students learn to approximate numbers to a specified degree of accuracy, a useful skill in both academic and real-world settings.