Solid Volume

Solid Volume Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet displays a collection of six rectangular prisms, each with their length, width, and height dimensions labeled in centimeters. At the top of the page, there’s a formula for calculating volume (Volume = Length × Width × Height), followed by an example that shows how to apply the formula to find the volume of a rectangular prism. The students are expected to use this formula to calculate the volume for each of the given prisms. Each prism is illustrated with different dimensions, which the students must use to perform the calculation.

The purpose of this worksheet is to teach students the mathematical process of calculating the volume of rectangular prisms using given dimensions. It reinforces the concept that volume is a measure of the space inside a three-dimensional object and can be found by multiplying the object’s length, width, and height. This exercise helps students practice their multiplication skills in a geometric context. The worksheet also aids in developing an understanding of the practical applications of volume in everyday situations, such as determining the capacity of containers or the space within a room.