Volume and Capacity

Volume and Capacity Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features six images of measuring jugs, each filled with a different amount of colored liquid. The students are instructed to write down the volume of the liquid in each jug as well as the total capacity of each jug, as indicated by the measurement scale on the jugs. Two blank lines are provided beneath each jug: one for recording the volume of the liquid currently in the jug, and the other for the jug’s total capacity. The volumes and capacities are to be determined based on the graduations shown on each jug.

The purpose of this worksheet is to help students understand the difference between the volume of liquid a container currently holds and the container’s total capacity. It teaches them to accurately read measurements from a scale, a skill essential for science experiments and cooking. The worksheet also encourages the practice of precision and attention to detail, as the students must distinguish between the current volume and the maximum volume that each jug can hold. Furthermore, this activity reinforces the concept of units of measurement and their practical use in everyday life.