Meanings Of Words

Martin Luther King Jr. Day #2

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to deepen students’ understanding of Martin Luther King Jr.’s pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement, particularly focusing on the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It begins by providing a brief historical context of the event, highlighting Dr. King’s leadership following Rosa Parks’ arrest for refusing to yield her seat to a white man. The narrative touches upon the year-long boycott’s challenges, including the bombing of King’s home, and its success in ending enforced segregation on public buses.

Below the historical overview, the worksheet encourages critical thinking and vocabulary development. Students are prompted to write the meanings of significant terms like “civil rights,” “boycott,” and “segregation,” which are central to the history of the Civil Rights Movement. By defining these terms, learners engage with the language that shaped the fight for equality and justice, fostering a deeper connection to the material and an appreciation for the enduring impact of Dr. King’s work.