How I Will Celebrate

Martin Luther King Jr. Day #12

Worksheet Description

This worksheet celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day by acknowledging the contributions of Dr. King as an American Baptist minister, activist, and a key leader in the American civil rights movement. At the center of the page is a prominent illustration of Dr. King, providing a visual anchor for the theme of the worksheet. Surrounding the image is a word bank that includes pivotal terms associated with his legacy, such as “dream,” “creed,” “dignity,” “African American,” and “civil rights.” These words serve as a vocabulary lesson as well as inspiration for students to think deeply about the values Dr. King espoused.

Below the word bank, there’s a dedicated space prompting students to write about how they will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, encouraging personal connection and reflection on his impact. This exercise not only serves to educate young learners on the historical significance of Dr. King’s work but also inspires them to consider their role in continuing his dream of equality and justice in their own lives and communities. The worksheet is a tool for educators to guide discussions on civil rights history and the ongoing relevance of Dr. King’s message.