Dr. King In Contemporary Society

Martin Luther King Jr. Day #10

Worksheet Description

This worksheet invites students to engage in a thoughtful exercise for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It asks students to consider contemporary societal issues through the lens of Dr. King’s legacy. The exercise prompts students to reflect on what they believe Dr. King’s biggest concerns would be about today’s society and to articulate what actions he might take to address these concerns. This worksheet serves as a bridge connecting past civil rights struggles to present-day social justice movements, encouraging students to apply historical perspectives to current events.

The lined section provides ample space for students to express their thoughts, promoting critical thinking and fostering a deeper understanding of Dr. King’s principles of nonviolence and social equality. It’s an opportunity for students to explore the application of Dr. King’s teachings to contemporary challenges, and to ideate on how his legacy could continue to inspire change and progress in our modern world. This is more than just a writing assignment; it’s a chance for students to connect with a pivotal figure in American history and to recognize the ongoing relevance of his message.