Distinction Among Holidays

Martin Luther King Jr. Day #1

Worksheet Description

This educational worksheet is focused on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, providing students with a structured format to explore the holiday’s history and significance. The first section prompts learners to articulate what the day commemorates, inviting reflection on the civil rights movement and Dr. King’s profound impact on social justice and equality in the United States. It then guides them to identify the date of the holiday, helping to place it within the context of the annual calendar and national observances.

The second section delves deeper, asking students to distinguish Martin Luther King Jr. Day among other federal holidays, thereby understanding its unique place in American history and culture. Finally, the worksheet encourages a look into the establishment of the holiday, prompting research and discussion on its origin and the legislative action that led to its recognition. Through these questions, students are not only expected to learn factual information but also to engage with the principles of freedom, equality, and nonviolent protest that define Dr. King’s legacy.