Ten-Hop! Fill the Frame

Ten-Hop! Fill the Frame Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features several ten frames, each partially filled with a certain number of green dots. Students are tasked with determining how many additional dots are needed to complete a set of ten in each frame. The worksheet provides a visual and structured way for children to comprehend the concept of ten as a number. It’s an engaging activity where students can visually count and add dots, developing their understanding of the number ten.

The worksheet aims to teach students the foundational math concept of ‘making ten,’ which is crucial for understanding place value and arithmetic operations. It introduces the ten frame as a tool to visualize numbers and their relationships to ten, promoting number sense. The exercise encourages the practice of addition by having students count on from the given number of dots to reach ten. This method of learning helps to cement the concept of ten as a base for our number system and prepares students for more advanced math skills.