Ten-Tastic with Ben

Ten-Tastic with Ben Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features an engaging activity where students assist a character, Ben, in figuring out various combinations that add up to the number ten. It provides a series of blank blocks and circles meant to represent numbers that, when added together, equal ten. The first example is completed as a guide, showing four pink blocks plus six green blocks equal ten. Children are encouraged to fill in the remaining series of blocks and circles to discover different number pairs that make ten.

The aim of this worksheet is to solidify the students’ understanding of the number ten as a benchmark in basic addition. It encourages them to explore different number combinations that result in ten, a fundamental math skill known as “making ten.” This exercise supports the development of mental math strategies by allowing students to visualize and calculate sums quickly. Moreover, it helps build a strong numerical foundation which is crucial for more advanced arithmetic concepts.