Stellar Count to Ten

Stellar Count to Ten Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a delightful and interactive activity that encourages children to count and engage in basic addition. On the page, several starfish are illustrated, inviting the children to count them. The instruction directs the children to draw additional starfish until they reach a total of ten, combining counting with creative drawing. This exercise not only practices counting but also allows for a visual representation of the numbers as children add more starfish to their aquatic scene.

The worksheet aims to teach students foundational math skills, specifically the concept of making ten. By counting the existing starfish and determining how many more are needed to reach ten, children are learning to perform simple addition in a practical and enjoyable way. This activity also reinforces the idea of ‘completing a set,’ which is a basic mathematical skill, as well as encouraging number sense development. Moreover, the task of drawing the additional starfish incorporates an artistic element that makes learning more appealing and retains the attention of young learners.