List of Complaints

List of Complaints Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet focuses on the grievances section of the Declaration of Independence, where the Founding Fathers listed their specific complaints against British rule and King George III. The first question asks students to state the primary accusation made against Britain and King George. The second part of the worksheet requires students to select three out of the 27 complaints outlined in the Declaration, copy the text of each complaint, and then explain in their own words what each complaint means. The format includes a table where students can neatly organize the complaints and their explanations.

The worksheet is designed to teach students about the reasons behind the American colonies’ decision to seek independence from Britain. By identifying and interpreting the complaints, students engage with the text of the Declaration of Independence, gaining insight into the colonists’ perspective on British governance. This exercise helps develop critical thinking and historical analysis skills by encouraging students to translate formal, eighteenth-century grievances into modern language. Understanding these complaints also offers students a deeper appreciation for the historical context of the American Revolution and the motivations for independence.