Balloons on Parade

Balloons on Parade Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The “Balloons on Parade: Letters and Numbers” worksheet presents an assortment of balloons, each printed with either a letter or a number. This engaging activity asks students to differentiate between the characters by coloring: letters are to be colored purple and numbers yellow. It is a visually appealing exercise that invites children to identify and categorize the two different types of symbols. The task requires attention to detail as students float through the worksheet, ensuring they color each balloon according to the type of character it carries.

This worksheet aims to teach students the recognition and differentiation between letters and numbers. By assigning specific colors to each category, it reinforces the concept of categorization—a fundamental skill in early education. It also serves to solidify letter and number recognition in a fun, creative way. Additionally, the task supports the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as students work to color within the lines of each balloon.