What’s the LCM

What's the LCM

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a mathematical exercise designed to help students practice finding the Least Common Multiple (LCM) of pairs of numbers. It features ten problems, each with two given numbers, and a blank space where students are expected to write the LCM for each pair. The worksheet is laid out in a clear and organized manner, enabling students to systematically work through the problems. The absence of provided examples or instructions suggests that it is meant for students who are already familiar with the concept and calculation of the LCM.

The worksheet aims to strengthen students’ skills in determining the LCM, an important concept in mathematics that is particularly relevant in the context of adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. It encourages mental calculation and the application of strategies such as prime factorization or the listing of multiples. By working through various pairs of numbers, students can improve their proficiency in recognizing patterns and applying mathematical principles. The repetition of this fundamental skill helps build a solid foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts and problem-solving.