Splat Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features a set of colorful ink blots with blank lines beneath each one where students can write. Above the ink blots, there is a header that instructs students to “Write the color names,” with color names written in their respective colors as examples: Orange, Green, White, Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Yellow, and Purple. The layout suggests that the students are meant to identify the color of each ink blot and write the correct color name on the line below it. This task combines color identification with handwriting practice.

The worksheet is designed to teach students to recognize colors and associate them with their corresponding written names. By writing down the name of each color, students reinforce their ability to spell color words correctly and solidify their understanding of the relationship between the color and its name. This activity also aids in developing handwriting skills and can enhance memory retention of color vocabulary. It is an interactive way to engage students in both visual and written aspects of color learning.