The Hike

The Hike Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet tells the story of “The Hike,” where a young girl named Katy is excited to go on an outdoor adventure with her parents. Her parents advise her to wear comfortable shoes and to bring a hat and sunscreen for the hike. However, Katy becomes exhausted just from the preparation and decides to rest. The worksheet includes sentences with missing words related to the story, and students are asked to circle the correct word to complete each sentence based on the context provided by the reading.

The worksheet is aimed at developing young students’ reading comprehension and word recognition skills. By choosing the correct words to complete the sentences, students demonstrate their understanding of the story’s content and context. This exercise helps to reinforce vocabulary related to outdoor activities and clothing. It also provides an opportunity for students to practice reasoning skills as they need to infer the correct word based on the information given in the text.