Splash! Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features a short story titled “Splash!” that describes a child named Marcus who is feeling grumpy about being unable to play outside due to a long, snowy winter. He reminisces about the activities he enjoys in the summer, such as riding his bike and swimming. To cheer him up, Marcus’s mother takes him to an indoor swimming pool, showing him that winter can be enjoyable too. After reading the story, students are instructed to circle the things Marcus likes about summer from a given list and to answer where Marcus’s mother took him.

The worksheet is designed to enhance reading comprehension skills in young learners, specifically kindergarten students. It teaches them to identify key details from a story, such as Marcus’s favorite summer activities and the setting of the indoor swimming pool. By circling Marcus’s likes and answering a question about the story’s events, students practice extracting specific information and understanding the sequence of events. Additionally, this activity encourages students to think about different seasons and how activities can vary with them, expanding their cognitive and analytical abilities.