The Bus

The Bus Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a short story titled “The Bus,” which is aimed at kindergarten students. The story is about a child named Sam who expresses reluctance to go to school on the first day of kindergarten. Through a series of questions from his mother, it is revealed that Sam’s concern is not about the teacher, meeting new people, or being away from home, but rather about riding the bus. A question at the end of the story asks students to identify what Sam is worried about, prompting them to reflect on the main idea of the text.

The worksheet is designed to teach students basic reading comprehension by asking them to identify the main concern of the character in the story. It introduces students to the concept of addressing and overcoming fears, especially those associated with new experiences like starting school. The activity also helps to develop empathy by having students consider the feelings of the character. Furthermore, it encourages critical thinking by asking students to deduce information that is not explicitly stated but is implied by the character’s responses.