Gingerbread Story

Gingerbread Story Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet includes a short poem titled “Gingerbread,” which is designed to be read by kindergarten students. The poem describes the speaker’s love for gingerbread, emphasizing its chewy, soft texture, its brown color, and its sweet and spicy taste, as well as the candy buttons and the upside-down frown decoration. Following the poem, there are questions for the students to answer, focusing on their understanding and interpretation of the text. Specifically, the questions ask the students to identify what the “frown that’s upside down” is and to recall the descriptive words used for the gingerbread.

The worksheet is teaching students to engage with poetry and to practice their reading comprehension and interpretation skills. By answering the questions, students demonstrate their understanding of figurative language, such as interpreting the “frown that’s upside down” as a smile. They also practice their ability to identify descriptive language, enhancing their vocabulary and ability to visualize text. The exercise encourages students to think critically about what they read and to express their understanding through written responses.